Barker Lemar provides UST and AST services across the Midwest. Servicing Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska.  

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For over 20 years, Barker Lemar has been providing environmental consulting and petroleum services to clients throughout the Midwest. We focus on areas including solid waste engineering and compliance; petroleum assessment, remediation, repair and construction; training; ecological assessments; and air, land, and water regulatory services. Barker Lemar's commitment to innovation and discovery of solutions to problems, both old and new, has served to elevate our reputation in the industry. We are enthusiastic about tackling new challenges and providing unparalleled service to our clients. At Barker Lemar, we attempt to become an extension of our client’s staff. By adopting the client’s issues as our own, we earn both trust and respect. Our unique view of client relationships and the pride we take in providing superior solutions distinguish Barker Lemar in the industry.

Barker Lemar provides a variety of training, including landfill operator, appliance demanufacturing, and underground storage tank operator.