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  • Disaster Debris Management

  • Erosion Control at Landfill

  • Zero Waste

  • The Green Movement and its Impact on Landfills

  • Working Face & Cell Sequencing with Boundary Control



The 10-Hour Landfill Operator Training has been designed to count as part of a certified landfill operator’s 10 contact hours of continuing education as required in the Iowa Administrative Code.  This training is designed to assist landfill operators, including management, meet regulatory requirements as well as increase their working knowledge of specific systems that are part of a sanitary landfill operation. The Barker Lemar 10-Hour Landfill Operator Training program provides a thorough overview and understanding of the topics listed below:

TRAINING calendar 

  • Regulatory Changes/Proposed Changes/Legislative Priorities

  • Groundwater Monitoring – SSIs

  • SCADA (Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisitions) Systems

  • Load Checking

  • Safety