Jointly hosted by the Iowa Recycling Association and Iowa Society of Solid Waste Operations, this annual event is one our staff always look forward too. Director of Business Development, Jeff Phillips said, “ The Conference is an excellent opportunity to visit with industry leaders and learn more about their facilities, operations, and programs. The Conference allows people the opportunity to share ideas and to discuss potential strategies that may best address changes to regulations, operations, and managed materials.”

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On Monday, students and industry Young Professionals attended a YP Luncheon, which invited YP’s or those new to the industry an opportunity to network. Barker Lemar Project Engineer and YP Ambassador, Lauren Norland was the event host. "The YP Welcome Luncheon was a great setting for young professionals and professionals new to the industry to get together and share our insights on recycling and solid waste management. We hope to continue to grow our group and provide a support system for our peers in the waste management industry. As young professionals, we recognize that we are the future leaders of the industry and are eager to soak up knowledge from each other, in addition to experienced professionals." You can learn more about the Young Professional group here.

Barker Lemar sends a special congratulations to Lauren Norland, for being voted onto the ISOSWO Board of Directors! 

The 2018 Iowa Recycling and Solid Waste Management Conference and Trade Show was held at the Mid-American Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, October 8th thru 10th. With over 60 exhibitors, breakout sessions and presentations from industry professionals, we had a great time exhibiting and presenting! Our Principal Engineer, Tim Buelow presented case studies of facilities in post closure and discussed the in’s and out’s of ending post closure. 

Barker Lemar was #talkingtrash at 2018 solid waste conference