Barker Lemar's team can perform surveys and assessments to identify potential project environmental impacts, and identify and design effective mitigation strategies.

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Barker Lemar has experienced staff to assist your operations in navigating the complex web of environmental regulations in order to achieve and maintain compliance. 

Our team of licensed Engineers, Groundwater Specialists, Environmental Scientists and technical staff are committed to providing unparalleled service while keeping safety and the environment our number one priority. We invest significant resources into our staff to fully understand the intricacies of the industries we serve and have developed a corporate knowledge base that we use to develop and identify solutions to specific challenges across our client base.  



Barker Lemar can provide technological solutions, and planning and design services for best management practices to help landowners manage nutrients and improve the health of both soil and water. 




Barker Lemar has Certified Groundwater professionals on staff to assist with your assessment, remediation and closure needs. 

From designing and permitting landfill infrastructure to collecting and analyzing groundwater impacts, Barker Lemar can help your facility run smoothly and efficiently, while achieving and maintaining environmental compliance. 

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​From beginning to end, we service your facility. This includes providing relevant, engaging, and state approved training to your staff. Classes held year round.