​Redbud Room     Tuesday, July 17, 2018     10:30a-12:00p

Learning from Others: Landfill Fire Case Study and discussion
Jeff Phillips, Barker Lemar Engineering Consultants

Learn how an unidentified hot load caused a fire which took more than a week to extinguish and more than $3 million in damages to the landfill and environmental mitigation. Details will be presented of the fire and the lessons the landfill staff, emergency personnel, community leaders, and regulatory officials learned from the event. Managers will learn key pre-planning and emergency response strategies that can help reduce their risks for facility fires and help lead to safe and effective response methods. We will also discuss what local and regional resources are available to help with planning and responding to events and what their environmental health and safety responsibilities may be during an event.

​An Uncommon Approach to an Uncommon Landfill
Brady Stewart and Josh Newton, Champ Landfill

Under new ownership as of June 2016, Champ Landfill, Timber Ridge, and the Missouri hauling facilities, have undergone both managerial and cultural changes. Find out how Waste Connections’ business philosophies, operating values, and culture played measurable roles in the continual transformation of these community assets. Champ Landfill has undergone a makeover in virtually every facet of an active solid waste landfill. From the entrance to the active face to interaction with the surrounding communities, nothing looks the same as it did before June of 2016. Employees and local management are empowered to make decisions that will improve site safety, environmental stewardship, and community perception. Managers and supervisors are constantly trained on the value of servant leadership and on how to implement it into the operations of the WCI Missouri landfills. While no journey of operating a landfill is ever truly over, we found it literally takes a village to raise a landfill.

Regional Director, Chris O’Brien will be alongside Jeff exhibiting at booth 62 in the Grand Ballroom at the Tan-Tar-A Resort July 15 - 17, 2018.  Chris has over 20 years professional experience, including 20 years of municipal operations which brings a unique perspective and understanding to projects.

Barker Lemar presents and exhibits at 2018 Environmental conference

“I always enjoy the opportunity to present case studies of lessons learned so that others can share in that knowledge and improve their ability to plan and effectively respond to events." Shares Jeff. "Whether those events are responding to landfill fires, disaster debris management, animal mass mortality, public opposition, or improving operations to be more safe and cost effective.”

 We look forward to this year’s Environmental Conference in the Ozarks; and it is always an honor to present topics for the industry professionals attending.  Our Director of Business Development Director, Jeff Phillips brings his 19 years of solid waste experience to discuss the risks associated with landfill fires. Every year, there are approximately 50 major solid waste related fire events reported across the United States. These major fire events significantly threaten human health and safety, disrupt operations, damage critical infrastructure, negatively impact the environment, and can be costly to mitigate and reconstruct damaged facilities – This will be a discussion you won’t want to miss!