water quality management 

Barker Lemar Engineering Consultants, in partnership with RDG Planning & Design, has developed a 2-3 hour workshop where we discuss soil health and water quality in Iowa. Participants will:
•  Understand the basics of best management practices for improved soil health
•  Learn about the cost-benefit of targeted practices
•  Hear testimonials from Iowa farmers
•  Test drive soil and water improvement practices by playing an interactive game for a fictional farm

The workshop is designed to educate and foster implementation of best management practices, with a goal of increasing awareness of water quality and soil health throughout Iowa.  Our partnership can help guide you through planning, practice implementation, and potential funding avenues available for Iowa communities and farmers. 

Check out our event calendar for upcoming workshops. Or, are you ready to take the next step?  Click contact us to schedule a consultation. 

​Carly RW Kalina| Ecological Services


Environmental training & workshops

​Nutrient management practices

  • Grassed Waterway

  • Riparian Forest Buffer

  • Stream Bank Protection

  • Upland and Wildlife Habitat Management

  • Water/Sediment Control Basin

  • Prairie Strip

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BMC Aggregates L.C.

The transport of nutrients, herbicides, and sediment from agricultural lands to downstream water bodies is a concern for health of both local and regional waters.  The Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy (NRS) is a science and technology-based framework designed to assess and reduce nutrients gaining access to Iowa waters, and subsequently flowing to the Gulf of Mexico.  Barker Lemar has experience developing a suite of professional environmental training programs and workshops for a multitude of Iowa audiences. Our dedicated staff can offer agricultural retailers and private landowners guidance understanding the NRS and available funding assistance programs, and provide assistance with the design and implementation of nutrient reducing practices on specific farms. 

  • Denitrifying Bioreactors

  • Saturated Buffers

  • Wetland Creation

  • Filter Strips

  • Contour Buffer Strip

  • Conservation Cover​