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typical bat surveys process

Presence / probable Absence (P/A) Surveys

Having trouble keeping up with current bat regulations or guidelines?  Barker Lemar can guide developers, construction companies, county staff, conservation organizations, private landowners, or any interested party in the bat survey process. This includes everything from simple tree clearing recommendations and habitat assessments to official Presence/Probable Absence (P/A) Surveys.  Regulatory authorities generally allow trees to be cleared during the bat’s inactive season, between October and March, if the project area is less than 20 acres. If trees cannot be cleared during the colder months, the area may need to be assessed for bats prior to tree clearing or construction activities.  If a P/A Survey is needed, it must be completed between May 15 - August 15.

The following flow chart below indicates the typical process of a bat survey.  Barker Lemar’s staff hold U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) permits to conduct live capture and tracking surveys, and can guide potential clients through the tiered survey approach and assist in the development of standard operating procedures to streamline future survey needs.  Contact us today if development plans require tree clearing! 

Jeff Phillips
Director of Business Development