At Barker Lemar, we aren’t just a group of engineers and environmental scientists developing reports for our clients. We believe in what we do. We incorporate our “green” philosophies into our office and home lives.

At the Barker Lemar corporate office, we have made sustainable improvements to our grounds. A one-acre prairie improves absorption of surface water. Two types of infiltration basins—a rain garden and an infiltration/filtration gallery—clean, cool, and reduce runoff from our buildings and parking lot. Our maintenance shop is heated and cooled by a geothermal system that our staff installed. To further lessen our environmental footprint, we have implemented a company-wide recycling program.

Employees have built homes with geothermal heating/cooling. They volunteer their personal time for groups such as Keep Iowa Beautiful, Project AWARE, Adopt A Stream, and other environmental causes. They teach others about conserving our natural resources and demonstrate their deep commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

As a whole, we are passionate about the environment and doing the right thing. We love what we do, and our enthusiasm and dedication carries over to our clients. It’s a win for everyone.